Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why You Need To Learn HTML5

If you already write computer code or are planning to enter the IT industry then you might know about the buzz surrounding HTML5. This is the latest version of HTML which is the most popular code that powers the internet. The current focus of internet technology is to enable people to watch videos with the greatest amount of ease from any device of their choice (and there are a whole lot of devices in use these days).
If you are still wondering whether you need to learn HTML5 then you'll find the following details very interesting:
  1. This new language is very versatile when compared to older versions. It ensures that both audio and video can be handled by an internet browser. This makes plug-ins unnecessary for all sorts of videos and animation. Websites launch faster as a result of this.
  2. Websites that use this language will be accessible using any mobile device. Currently, there is no uniformity in this, leading to the use of various third party applications. Many sites miss out on viewership because of this reason.
  3. It is set to be a replacement for Flash which has many detractors because it takes too much of power and also because it causes browsers to crash. Apple is putting its considerable weight behind HTML5 because it is not a supporter of Flash. Since iPhones and iPads are very popular and are here to stay, many websites will be switching to this language.
  4. There will be high quality video streaming across various devices, enabling users to watch television, videos etc without any interruptions, even on their mobile phones.
In addition to the many benefits it offers, this language has excellent interactivity and is therefore being embraced by many web designers. Websites that use it can be modified very easily and quickly. Your employment prospects will definitely look brighter if you learn HTML5 since many websites are going to switch to it. As a matter of fact, many websites are expected to re-make their animations and video players in this language as they abandon Flash. It goes without saying that many websites will stick to Flash, but there will still be immense demand for HTML5.
You'll need to put in a bit of effort to learn HTML5 but this is definitely a good strategic move on your part. Make sure that you learn from the right source so that you can finish with the program in the shortest possible time.
Author bio: The latest buzz in the IT industry surrounds the newest version of HTML.